My Style

It's an opportunity to freeze moments in a world that never stops moving. And when I say moments, I mean like, the most incredible, important, intimate moments and milestones in my clients lives. Does it get any better than that?

Photography is kind of like my proverbial sunrise. 

I'm a perpetual busy body. A travel junkie at heart. I constantly crave sushi even though I rarely get the chance to have it, and I live for cool MN nights paired with a glass of bold cabernet.

I'm the kind of gal that enjoys early mornings.

Yea, you can say I'm "that" kind of person. Even though I typically thrive in chaotic environments, catching sunrise with a hot cup of joe in hand is typically the one time of day I find that life slows down. No one calls. No emails come in. My family is fast asleep. My mind isn't racing one hundred miles an hour. I'm just present in that very moment.

I'm a MN native, wife and mother of two tiny humans that I love more than anything on the planet.

My whole World 

For the past decade, I've poured myself into my corporate role where  I am tasked with helping people match their passion with their career in locations across the Nation. While I spend majority of  my 8-5 role interviewing talent, I also spend time behind a camera painting a story for our current and future employees.

Through time, my corporate talents spilled over into my personal life. I took the leap and invested in a quality camera and began capturing candid moments for my closest family and friends. I started bringing my camera along with me to weddings that I was a part of and I would shamelessly take regular pictures of my son, Jameson Thomas. 

It didn't take me long to figure out how much I enjoyed being a photographer as more than just a hobby.

It very quickly became my creative outlet and platform to meet new friends as well as reconnect with those whom I had lost touch. Soon after advertising my newfound side gig, I found myself shooting engagements, seniors, weddings, maternity, newborn, proposals...you name it I jumped at any opportunity to be behind the lens. The best part of it all, is because this started as my side gig, I've been able to reinvest all the money I earned in my first year in the best camera bodies, lenses, lighting equipment, mentorships, consultants, business insurance, as well as posing, shooting and editing courses. After all, no one is born a professional photographer.


Why I do what I do

Why birch + honey?

I mean, Is there anything sweeter than honey?

I know this may be hard to believe, but "Megan Miller photography" was already taken. I wanted to be sure I selected a unique name that reflected my rooted commitment to capturing raw and organic moments. 

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